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Moi! Welcome, feel invited to view the photos on my website.

So far it is a limited selection what you see here, due course more will come. The site is a stage to select a definitive collection for a book, to be published someday.

There are photographs however to be seen in the light of the present circumstances, having a (very) personal meaning that i want to express now, under chapter 'Autogram'; you probably won't find those pictures in the book-to-come.

I am not a top-notch in today's photo journalism, never was but what can i do?; i might be, for many Dutchmen, some kind of a local peasant, even! in my neighbourhood, from a poor and exploited region of Holland, the province of Groningen, you'll always find clay on my shoes, but i love this country and it's 'original' local residents. They might not always be open at first sight, but you can count on them, on us; it is in our genes to trust and cooperate when storm and sea raged, when dikes had to be invented, and you had to count on each other. I've tried to catch the mentality this country side offers.

'Moi' is a local word to say 'Hiya', 'Hello', 'Goodbye' or 'CU', in today's writing. I speak this local language, which is NOT! a dialect. .

Jan Zeeman

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